Piano Removals

At Ross-Lee Removals we have specialised in moving all shapes, sizes and types of pianos for many years.


We also move organs, pianola’s and even harpsichord’s. All our staff our fully trained in moving pianos and are supplied with the correct equipment for doing so. This includes the correct wheels called piano skates which can support the weight of even the heaviest piano allowing them to be safely wheeled to their next destination, we also have a number of ramps making small steps easier.

There’s no problem transporting your piano up or downstairs and we are also able to remove pianos from very awkward positions.

Grand pianos are transported on the correct size piano slipper, which the body of the piano is strapped onto, after we have removed the lid, music stand, pedals and legs. These are all then resembled once the piano is in its new location.

We are happy to move your piano singularly or as part of a full house move; even if you just require it moving from one room to another so you can decorate, no distance is too great or small.

We have moved pianos for many concerts and schools over the years and are happy to move one or multiple piano’s at a time.

All our staff understand how important your piano and its safe transportation is to you, so please call us to discuss your piano needs today.